"Appealed" Decisions


Pursuant to statute, a Commission determination of admonition, censure, removal or retirement from office, and the record on which the determination is based, are filed with the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. The Chief Judge thereafter serves the determination and the record on the respondent-judge. The respondent-judge then has 30 days to accept the Commission's determination or request review of the determination by the Court of Appeals. Such review is mandatory if requested. If the respondent-judge accepts the determination or does not request review, the determination becomes final.

There are {ds_RowCount} Commission decisions that have been reviewed by the Court of Appeals.

Court of Appeals reviews of disciplinary determinations rendered by the Commission have resulted in the following:

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Matter of {Judge_Full_Name}{Reviewed}{Citation} {Reviewed_Year}

* On remittal to the Commission, Judge Gilpatric agreed to a public admonition.

** The Greenfield censure was rejected on policy grounds, which limited the Commission's ability to discipline a judge for unreasonable delays in rendering decisions. But see, Matter of Gilpatric, which restored the Commission's authority in delay cases, holding that "after nearly twenty years of experience" with it, the policy articulated in Greenfield "is not workable."