Rochester Mail Complaint

NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct (Rochester Office)


You can send your complaint by mail by printing out this page and filling out the complaint form, or by sending your own letter to the address below. Please remember to sign the letter and include your contact information, including your mailing address and phone number.

Your complaint should be as detailed as possible, including a description of the alleged misconduct, the name of the judge, and any additional information you have such as the court, the name of the case, the name(s) of the attorney(s), the date or dates on which the misconduct allegedly occurred, etc.

Please do not submit original records. The Commission cannot return any documents you send us with your complaint. Please note that it is not necessary to send multiple copies. Commission staff will make copies of your complaint as needed for review.


New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct
400 Andrews Street
Suite 700
Rochester, New York 14604

Background Information


Today's Date: _________________________

Your Full Name: (Mr. Ms. Mx.)_____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

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Are you or were you represented by a lawyer? _____ Yes _____ No

Lawyer's Name: ___________________________________________________________________

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Complaint Information


Judge's Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Judge's Court: _______________________________ County: ____________________________

Date(s) of Incident(s): _____________________________________________________________

Name of Case (if applicable): _____________________________________________________

Index Number of Case (if known): ________________________________________________


Details of Complaint

Please describe the alleged misconduct in as much detail as possible including what happened, where and when, the names of any witnesses, what was said, and in what tone of voice, etc. Use additional sheets if necessary.

Complainant's Signature (Required): _______________________________________