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All New York State judges are required to observe the high ethical standards set out in the Rules Governing Judicial Conduct.

The Commission on Judicial Conduct is the independent State agency that reviews complaints of ethical misconduct against the 3,350 judges and justices of the State Unified Court System filling 3,500 positions and, where appropriate, renders public disciplinary Determinations.  

The current Commission was created in 1978 by an amendment to the State Constitution that was overwhelmingly approved by New York voters.  The current Commission is the third Commission in our History, following the Legislature’s creation of a Temporary Commission in 1974 and a constitutional amendment creating the first permanent commission in 1976.

There are 11 Commission Members.  Four are appointed by the Governor, three by the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, and one by each of the four leaders of the State Legislature.  The Commission appoints a Clerk to provide it with independent advice, and an Administrator & Counsel who hires and supervises a Staff of attorneys, investigators and administrative personnel.  

Complaints to the Commission must be in writing and signed.  You can File a Complaint online or mail your complaint to one of our offices in New York City, Albany or Rochester.