In the Matter of the Proceeding Pursuant to Section 44, subdivision 4, of the Judiciary Law in Relation to LETICIA D. ASTACIO, a Judge of the Rochester City Court, Monroe County.

Commission Determination of Removal

First Formal Written Complaint

Judge's Amended Answer to First Formal Written Complaint

Second Formal Written Complaint

Judge's Answer to Second Formal Written Complaint

Disciplinary Hearing Transcript

Hearing Exhibits

Commission Counsel's Post-Hearing Brief to Referee

Judge's Post-Hearing Brief to Referee

Commission Counsel's Reply

Judge's Reply

Referee's Report

Commission Counsel's Brief to Commission

Judge's Brief to Commission

Commission Counsel's Reply

Judge's Reply

Oral Argument Transcript

Timeline of Events

Court of Appeals Letter Inviting Comment on Suspension

Judge Astacio's Letter on Suspension

Commission Letter on Suspension

Suspension Order

Judge Astacio's Request for Review

Court of Appeals Oral Argument Calendar

Judge Astacio's Brief to the Court of Appeals

Commission Brief to the Court of Appeals

Judge Astacio's Reply Brief to the Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals Decision Accepting Commission's Determination of Removal


On review, the Court of Appeals accepted the removal. 32 NY3d 131 (2018).